Test Drive Policy

We are happy to meet with a student for one hour before you decide whether or not to work with us. If you choose to do business with us (thank you!), that first hour is not free (sorry!), but we'll accept payment for it later. If, for any reason, you feel that we are not the best match for you or your student, we'll never charge you for that hour. It's like a risk-free test drive.

Master SAT/ACT Tutoring Rates (Alex Fay):

Hourly: $200 per hour, pay-as-you-go
12-Hour Package**: $2200 (saves $200)
16-Hour Package**: $2900 (saves $300)

Expert SAT/ACT Tutoring Rates:

Hourly: $125 per hour, pay-as-you-go
12-hour package**: $1400 (saves $100)
16-hour package**: $1850 (saves $150)

Elite SAT/ACT Tutoring Rates:
Tutor assigned based on location and schedule availability.

Hourly: $90 per hour, pay-as-you-go
12-hour package**: $1000 (saves $80)
16-hour package**: $1300 (saves $140)

School Subject Rates:

Varies depending on subject.

**Full payment on all packages is due after the third hour of tutoring. If you want additional tutoring when the package is finished, you can purchase additional hours at the discounted hourly rate of the package that you bought. At that point, there is no additional minimum number of hours.

Other notes about these rates:

  • Travel costs and all materials are included with the price of any tutoring, even a single hour! Please note that most companies charge extra for this.
  • Cancellation Policy: First time, no charge. Crazy things come up, I know. But all subsequent cancellations that are made either the day of or the day before the original appointment will be charged in full. Rescheduling is sometimes an option, and will be attempted in good faith, but is not guaranteed.
  • Reverse-Cancellation Policy: If the tutor cancels on the student more than once, the student will be credited with a free hour of tutoring.
  • If you are associated with Camp Barney Medintz, please ask about our CBM discount!
  • If a student can meet at an off-peak time, such as during normal school hours, we are happy to consider a reduced rate.

Obviously your help was more than valuable. (My son) has loved working with you.

-- C.L.