While Alex Fay was attending Rice University, he tutored the SAT and ACT on the weekends. After graduating in 2003 with a BA in Psychology, he worked for the Princeton Review, teaching algebra and a high school SAT course full time. When he moved to Atlanta in 2006, he took a job as the assistant director of Appelrouth Tutoring. Then, in 2007, he decided to start his own company.

All told, he has more than 18 years of test prep experience, has scored perfect 800s in all sections of the SAT (both old and new), and a perfect 36 on the ACT. He continues to love every minute tutoring, because to him there is nothing better in the world than watching a light bulb turn on in a kid's head.

He loves playing sports of all kinds, but especially softball, ultimate frisbee, and golf. He loves puzzles of all kinds, can do some pretty spiffy card tricks, and does a mean Kermit the Frog impression. Under no circumstances, unless you have at least an hour to spend listening, should you ask him about his ridiculously beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

Obviously your help was more than valuable. (My son) has loved working with you.

-- C.L.