At Satisfaction Tutoring, there are two main concepts that define our philosophy. First, we believe that excellent tutoring comes from excellent tutors, and we will never have anyone on staff that doesn't meet our exceptionally rigorous standards. Second, we believe that every student is different, and their scores will increase the most with specific attention to their individual needs.

To be an excellent tutor, you need to not only be in full command of the material, but you also need to be able to relate that material to a confused high school student. This combination of skills is much more rare than other tutoring companies would have you believe, where you can get hired if you're willing to sit through a weekend of training and can do well on the test yourself. We are still such a small company because we absolutely refuse to compromise our hiring standards. There is no such thing as a "pretty good" tutor from Satisfaction Tutoring. We demand that our tutors be brilliant, charismatic, patient, and creative.

It is this last quality (creativity) that really separates us from the crowd. Every student has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, so it only seems logical that there is no way to teach every student using the exact same methods. Quite on purpose, Satisfaction Tutoring does not use a set curriculum. Do we have a general plan of attack? Sure. We focus heavily on test-taking skills and strategies, teaching the students that these tests are beatable with solid logic and reasoning. But if a student doesn't understand the material the first five ways we teach it to him/her, we expect our tutors to come up with method number six on the spot. This skill requires a type of flexible intelligence that you just can't train into somebody over a long weekend.

Personally tailored tutoring from the best tutors in the business is what sets us apart and produces the best results, so that's what we do.

-Alex Fay
Manager / CEO / Lead Tutor
Satisfaction Tutoring, LLC

Obviously your help was more than valuable. (My son) has loved working with you.

-- C.L.