We travel to your home for no additional charge! Yes, really! There are three main benefits for you:

  1. I have found that students work best where they are comfortable. Working in the home is a subconscious reminder that SAT prep is not the same as studying for a typical high school test. I've also found that being in a familiar environment encourages students to be active participants in the process, rather than just being talked at for an hour.
  2. You get a full, personal report directly from the tutor every single time. No more asking your student how tutoring went only to hear her reply: "Fine."
  3. Have you seen Atlanta traffic? Yikes. We'll brave it for you.

Note: there are some locations that are simply too far to reach in a timely matter. If you live north of highway 120 in Johns Creek or far north Alpharetta, very far west (like Smyrna), east of the perimeter (like Tucker), or south of I-20, we might need to meet at an in-between location, such as a Starbucks or library.

If you live even further away, or out of state, or internationally... fear not! I offer online tutoring using Skype or FaceTime.

Obviously your help was more than valuable. (My son) has loved working with you.

-- C.L.